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This service is purely to assist and provide you with any health-related medications and procedures.

Medical & Tourism

While undergoing procedure(s) and/or medication(s), you will be given the time and opportunity to see the country’s top destinations.


Stay enthused exploring the Philippines, for over seven thousand islands, we will be honored to take part in your adventures and discoveries.

Medical Tourism Philippines

The hospitals and private clinics within our network are among the most advanced medical travel facilities in the Philippines, programmed specifically for your needs and carefully designed to enthrall patients and tourists worldwide.

MedicoTurismo is your gateway to the country’s tropical paradise. We will be with you all the way from your exploration along the country’s rich heritage to your discovery of the archipelago’s natural allure, before, during, after, and even in-between medical procedures.

Our Purpose

In 2013, the founder made the decision to introduce the concept of medical tourism as being a viable option to the increasing costs and exclusivity of the healthcare system in the country and in some countries around the globe.

Most importantly, MedicoTurismo was established with the basic desire of providing you with a “safe and stress-free” healthcare experience, while indulging in the natural beauty of the Philippine islands.

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